Sexual Partners

June 2, 2009

183 words
2 July 2008
The Times
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It is comforting when statistics confirm our prejudices. According to Durex, the average heterosexual man has had 13 sexual partners, while women have had seven. Which makes sense: men like to sleep around; women don’t.

But since heterosexual sex involves both a man and a woman, the average should be the same. Take a population of 1,000 men and 1,000 women. Imagine the extreme case: 999 women are celibate, and one sleeps with all 1,000 men. The male average is one. The female average is (0+0+…1,000)/1,000, also one. It could just about be explained if Durex were using a different calculation – citing the median rather than the mean. Or perhaps the methodology is flawed? Some people are rarely surveyed: prostitutes, for instance.

There is a simpler answer though, that doesn’t involve celibacy, super shaggers or missing prostitutes. When it comes to sex, people lie.


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