The Murder Rate

June 2, 2009

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11 June 2008
The Times
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The problem with murder statistics in the UK is that there are so few murders.

In 2005 the murder rate in London soared by a quarter – because of the July 7 bombings. That isn’t a trend: it’s an anomaly. Is London, as some imply, a more dangerous place than it used to be? The Met recorded 159 murders last year (April 2007-08), compared with 180 nine years ago. Fatal stabbings are constant, at around 70 a year.

Only homicides of under-18s have risen. Twice as many were murdered in London last year than in 2006. A similar number of killings looks likely this year. We appear to have, at last, a trend. Yet the increase is from just 15 to 32 – 32 dead teenagers is horrific, but the numerical increase is small. Could some stabbings be linked? If just a few are not independent of each other, we are back dealing with anomalies. When inaction carries such a potentially high cost, though, maybe we can’t wait for the statistics to catch up.


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